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In the new age of businesses and world of Web 3.0, it is inevitable that many companies are staying ahead by building on blockchain. Blockchain technology brings about a new wave of how data is presented, promoting decentralization and agency for businesses and clients alike to take ownership. Through our courses, Stratez will guide companies through the possibilities of how they can tokenize their business on the blockchain. We also provide courses for individuals across all levels where they can learn about digital assets, blockchain building, and even fundamental trading tactics for the regular salary man who would like to be financially savvy.

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Learn about the different type of digital assets that can segmented into coins, tokens, NFTs and Central Bank Digital Currencies(CDBCs). Our courses will help you understand the various…

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Stratez Optimized Strategy (SOS)

Stratez is deep within the operational aspect of Blockchain technologies and Web 3 mechanics. Learn the very same strategy we use when we assess businesses’ requirements when it…

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Our courses from our panel of experts will equipt you with the basic skills needed to start with trading. From technical analysis using trading patterns and charts to equipping…

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15 March 2023

6pm – 9pm


Shaun Ng and Vik Pillai

Topics Covered:

  • Stratez Opitimized Strategy (SOS)
  • Tokenisation
  • Wealth Making