What we do

From seeding innovations to budding early-stage companies in high-growth markets, Stratez Capital uncover and unlock value in exceptional companies positioned to thrive on powerful secular growth trends led by forward-thinking management teams.

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Stratez Capital is an advisory firm with expertise in structuring  and assisting small and mid-size enterprises who are planning to elevate to the next phase of growth. 

Our approach enables us to evaluate new companies rigorously from an operational and market point of view—without relying on traditional investment hypotheses, associate-level research or industry analysts for guidance. 

3 ʻIʼ Approach


Each investment decision is made after an decision-making process encompassing both detailed financial analysis and thorough review of business strategy and management. With a team of seasoned business veterans and a global network of working partners, we work together with management teams to ensure strategic deployment of funds and drive exceptional growth in our investments, in turn generating superior returns for investors.


Investments in private equity has traditionally been long-term with varying returns at the end of the investment. Stratax Capital seeks to provide increased accessibility and deliver superior returns through the private equity market with a unique and innovative set of investment solutions tailored to the needs of our investors.


Integrity is and remains the underlying principle in all our business dealings. With compliance and auditory measures, Stratax Capital is accountable and committed to providing transparency to investors through the course of their relationship with us.